Price List

FeatureMonthly costs
Base Package
up to 1,000 items89 €
up to 5,000 items119 €
up to 10,000 items149 €
up to 15,000 items199 €
up to 20,000 items249 €
more than 20,000 itemsPlease contact us for individual pricing
DATEV Export79 €
Pro Forma Invoices79 €
VAT reports including:
  • summary reports
  • additional reports such as SAF-T
  • annual reports etc. per country
79 €
VAT registration per country0 €*
Other services on request150 € (per hour)
OSS Export**99 €
IOSS Export99 €

*500€ per registration for cancellation within 12 months; 250€ for cancellation of an ongoing registration.

**OSS Export is billed for the whole quarter, even when booking occurs during 2nd or 3rd months of the quarter.

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