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Our packages in comparison

Check out what is included in our three packages.

Starter Professional Premium
Setup / service
Customer dashboard
Popular connectors 5 unlimited unlimited
E-mail support
DATEV onboarding call
General onboarding call
Phone support (callback)
Phone support (direct)
Dedicated account manager (CSA)
Starter Professional Premium
Our add-ons (monthly fees)
OSS We identify your OSS-relevant cross-border B2C sales and determine the tax rates automatically. more details 0 € 99 € 99 €
DATEV With this add-on we create a monthly Datev-export for your financial accounting 0 99 99
Local filings Your VAT filings within the EU will be submitted by our local tax advisor network. more details 99 € / country 99 € / country
Pro forma invoices We create your Pro forma invoices for intracommunity movements, e.g. Amazon FBA movements. more details 99 € 99 €
Intrastat We create your Intrastat filings (inbound/outbound) for you. more details 199 € / return 199 € / return
IOSS We create your Import One-Stop-Shop report for you. more details 99 € 99 €
Starter Professional Premium
Additional Services
VAT registrations
Corrective returns 249 € / month 99 € / month
Retrospective returns 99 € / month inkl.
Queries to/from tax authorities 150 € / hour 150 € / hour
Audits/compliance checks 1.500 € / audit inkl.

Our prices in comparison

Check out our three different base packages. All shown prices are per month.

Starter Professional Premium
Gross Merchandise Volume
up to 1.000 € 0 € 49 € 299 €
up to 10.000 € 19 € 49 € 299 €
up to 25.000 € 49 € 49 € 299 €
up to 50.000 € 99 € 69 € 349 €
up to 100.000 € - 99 € 399 €
up to 200.000 € - 149 € 499 €
up to 400.000 € - 249 € 649 €
more then 400.000 € - + 100 € + 150 €
billing monthly monthly yearly, paid upfront


Still open questions? We got you covered! Here you find a collection of frequently asked questions.

You can book new add-on's each month. You can only remove add-on's from Premium package after a minimum term of one year. You can remove add-on's from Starter and Professional packages each month.
Please use the calculator at booking.taxdoo.com to find out which package you need. Once you have selected your package, please fill in all relevant information in the booking form. Once the booking form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email.
Additional VAT services, such as VAT registrations and declarations, are only available as part of the Professional or Premium packages.
As a customer with our Starter package, you are welcome to reach out to the Taxdoo support team by email. Your enquiries will typically be answered within 24 hours after receipt during opening hours on weekdays. Write to us at support@taxdoo.com or send a request from the Taxdoo dashboard in the help center. As a Professional or Premium customer, you are also welcome to call us on +49 40 3688 145-0 and leave us a message. We will call you back within a few hours, depending on your request.
Downgrading the Premium package to another package is possible after the minimum term of one year. Upgrades and downgrades from other packages are possible on the first of each month. You can also book an upgrade retroactively with us. You can book additional add-ons at any time, if they are included in your package.
Advantages of our Professional package compared to our Starter package: - Use all our interfaces (Amazon, eBay etc.) - We can represent you with VAT processes abroad (registration & local filings which can be purchased additonally), including retroactive processing of your VAT declarations - Free DATEV onboarding session - Priority support over phone and email, including call backs - We can support you during a company audit for a flat fee - CSV file upload possible
You don't have to. The usage of the free add-ons "OSS" and "DATEV" are optional. These are not preselected. You can activate them easily from your Taxdoo dashboard.
Yes, with our Professional package if tax obligations arise in any EU country from the use of warehouses we can support you with VAT registrations in those countries, as well as submission of VAT returns. These services are not included in the Starter package.
With our Premium package you will have access to our Premium hotline and email support. You will also get a dedicated account manager as a personal contact, including call backs. We offer reliable response times within 24 hours on week days, and correction filings for only €99 each, instead of €249 for Professional package users.
Should questions arise on your part to the tax office within the framework of VAT processes (e.g. tax account queries), we will help on request in any EU country in which our partners represent you for tax purposes. The cost for this is €150 per hour for Professional clients, depending on the time required by the local office. Due to the diversity of requests, a general estimate is not possible.
Yes, but automatic upgrades only take place from the Starter to the Professional package as soon as you have exceeded the threshold of €50,000 revenue per month. This is based on the average of your revenues over the last 12 months. If this occurs, you will be notified by us in a timely manner.
The Premium package can be cancelled with six weeks' notice to the end of the annual contract.