Our IOSS complete solution

With our uncomplicated IOSS add-on, reporting and paying VAT for deliveries with a material value of max. 150 EUR from a third-party country to end customers in the EU becomes absolute easy. We keep track of all your VAT obligations and provide all relevant data for you automatically.

Our IOSS service for online merchants
and their tax advisors

VAT reporting in other EU countries can be stressful and time-consuming – especially when the movement of goods from third-party countries also comes into play. But with Taxdoo, the process finally becomes simple.


Via various interfaces to marketplaces, shop and ERP systems, we collect all the relevant data, process it automatically, apply VAT and apply the correct tax rates of the various EU countries.


Finally, we provide you with a file that you only have to upload to the respective tax authorities in your country of domicile – in Germany in the Mein Bop portal of the BZSt. Done.

What is the IOSS & for whom is it relevant?

On 01 July 2021, the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) was launched as part of the EU VAT reform. The IOSS procedure is intended to facilitate the reporting and payment of VAT for online merchants selling from a third-party country (e.g. Switzerland, UK, China) to private individuals in the EU (distance selling). Both EU online merchants and third-party country merchants can use it to report their sales of up to €150 from a non-EU country to the EU.


OSS and IOSS: What's the difference?

Both the One-Stop-Shop and the Import-One-Stop-Shop were introduced across the EU as part of the 2021 VAT reform. But what exactly are the differences?

Reporting period



Payment of VAT



Distance sales

from a third-party country to the EU

cross-border, </br>within the EU

Intrinsic value

up to 150 Euro


Distance selling threshold

not available

10,000 euros p.a. </br>for EU merchant

B2B deliveries



Registration for the special procedure

required + IOSS-No.


Registration of excisable goods (e.g. alcohol, coffee)

not possible


All information on our OSS add-on can be found here

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VAT Fraud & Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)

The IOSS should help EU states collect more Value Added Tax on supplies from third countries. A letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance shows: This will probably not work.

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