Taxdoo and the GDPR

We at Taxdoo take the GDPR very seriously and want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to comply with the relevant regulations. Therefore we answer your most important questions here.

Is my data safe with Taxdoo?

We use numerous methods to protect your data. All data is encrypted and transmitted via secure connections. In addition, we maintain clearly defined user rights internally, use two-factor authentication in all possible cases, and much more.

What exactly does Taxdoo do with my data?

In order to ensure compliance with sales tax regulations – and only for this reason – we collect personal data of your end customers. We do not sell any data and do not (mis)use it for other purposes.

Where are Taxdoo servers located?

We only use servers in the German data centre of our provider Amazon Web Services. This enables high availability as well as complex security measures.

Does Taxdoo transfer my data abroad?

To enable your tax declarations abroad, we transfer your data to our tax consultant partners in other EU countries. Of course this is also done via secure connections.

Does Taxdoo conclude data processing agreements (DPAs)?

Of course we conclude DPAs. These can easily be signed electronically by our clients – as soon as we receive your electronically signed document, we countersign it and send you the complete contract.

Where can I find out if I have further questions about data protection at Taxdoo?

You can find the contact details of our data protection officer and further information on our dedicated data protection page data protection. You can also contact us at any time at

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