News | Marco Bogendörfer starts as Head of Tax Advisor Solutions at Taxdoo

Taxdoo continues to grow and strengthens its team with experts from the tax and business advisory professions to support its clients even better. Now on board: Marco Bogendörfer.
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News | Marco Bogendörfer starts as Head of Tax Advisor Solutions at Taxdoo

With Marco Bogendörfer, we were able to win over one of the best-known founders and consultants in the industry. Since 2018, he has successfully built a start-up and, together with his team, created a cloud collaboration platform for the digital collaboration of tax advisors and auditors with their clients. He now brings this expertise to Taxdoo as Head of Tax Advisor Solutions.

We spoke to Marco about his professional background and his start at Taxdoo.

Welcome to our team, Marco! As the founder and COO of a start-up, what is it like to now become a member of a large organisation?

I am happy to be a part of Taxdoo and to contribute to a profitable cooperation between professional secretaries, their clients and Taxdoo. I take a sporting view of this because, accelerated by the special situation in 2020 and 2021, the digitisation of law firms has become a real competition for the best solutions. The confusing market of individual software offerings is both a huge opportunity and a tough challenge.

The bundled expertise in the Taxdoo RegTech Centre, headed by Anna-Katharina Heidbüchel, a tax advisor I hold in high esteem, creates a powerful team.

In short, it is a great honour for me to be able to contribute my experience to the Champions League of tax software as the new Head of Tax Advisor Solutions at Taxdoo.

Can you tell us something about your background?

I grew up in a family of tax consultants. My enthusiasm for simplification through good, digital products for the profession was therefore shaped early on. My studies in political and social science, my leadership experience in the armed forces and my project management work in the context of complex software projects, with high normative requirements in an international environment, all played their part.

Marco Bogendörfer, Head of Tax Advisor Solutions at Taxdoo

And finally, I feel well prepared for the new task due to my experience as founder and product manager in the development of a successful collaboration solution for the demanding profession of tax advisors.

Where do you see the future of our product?

Together with this wonderful team, the aim, especially in 2022, is to support our clients, the tax advisors, in the best possible way to be able to serve every mandate in e-commerce: Not only the large online traders who are represented on numerous marketplaces and process up to several hundred thousand transactions a week, but also smaller clients who are breaking new ground and, in addition to their brick-and-mortar shops, now operate online shops – because there have become a worthwhile many whose tax matters we can simplify with Taxdoo.

Especially the often heterogeneous client base of a law firm and a glaring shortage of specialists pose great challenges to law firms. These challenges can only be mastered in addition to the day-to-day business by using specialised software solutions that understand how to really relieve the clients as well as the tax advisors with e-commerce clients and especially the tax assistants (!) and support them in their work.

Can you explain that in more detail?

I am convinced that Taxdoo creates great added value, as it not only provides law firms with a tool that they can give to their clients in order to be relieved in their daily work, but that they can also use it to minimise their risk in the best possible way when looking after clients in online trading.

Law firms need strong partners at their side who understand their constraints and support them right from the start without much effort. This is because constant reforms and changes to the directives, especially in relation to VAT law, mean that law firms are faced with an ever-increasing amount of work in terms of familiarisation, further education and training.

In this respect, it is of utmost importance that additional software can be seamlessly integrated into the law firm’s processes and offers reliable interfaces to the common law firm software.

Through my father’s everyday work as a tax advisor, I know the difficulties and the effort to always stay up to date for all clients. Good solutions that simplify the day-to-day work in a law firm are urgently needed – we have also seen this with our collaboration cloud. I see it as my task to show Taxdoo as a real relief for you.

What exactly are these difficulties and how should they be addressed?

These are in particular the regulatory requirements in e-commerce. They are becoming ever greater and increasingly pose complex challenges for online traders, marketplaces, shop providers and their tax advisors, but also for the tax administrations. The most recent example since 1 July 2021: the introduction of the one-stop shop for the EU-wide processing of Value Added Tax – in addition to other comprehensive changes within the framework of the so-called VAT E-Commerce Package.

The Hamburg-based company Taxdoo has the perfect answer here. So far, the focus has been on supporting online retailers and shop providers, but now tax firms are increasingly moving into the spotlight.

Taxdoo can be ideally used in the future not only for efficient digital accounts receivable accounting for e-commerce mandates, but also for checking individual transactions in the accounts payable accounting of other mandates, right up to support in the preparation or auditing of annual financial statements, and can provide considerable added value, e.g. in the discovery of double taxation situations, etc.

The future of the digital preparation of annual financial statements, JAP, KAP or tax audits has become significantly more complicated due to the latest adaptation of the so-called VAT E-Commerce Package and is not consistently mapped in the audit and declaration solutions established in the market. Taxdoo can do this better in the future.

The common vision is to establish Taxdoo as THE solution in the market that sets the standard for processing, declaration and verification at individual transaction level in e-commerce and integrates data records barrier-free into existing systems.

What exactly does your start look like?

Wonderful! 😉 First of all, it is important to get to know the team, the founders and the product in the best possible way and to start talking to tax advisors very soon. The first trade fairs are already planned and I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with many familiar and new customers.

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